Meet our CEO

At 19 years old, Kelly Weddle started The Fashion Exchange in 2019 out of her own closet! She was a shopaholic always looking for the best deals. You will always hear Kelly tell stories of her friends coming to her house to shop her massive walk in closet she built just to hold all of her clothes! It didn't take long for her to realize, she could create an actual business out of this.

Very quickly, The Fashion Exchange grew beyond Kelly's expectations. She started to buy her clothes from locals in the area to resell. "I loved shopping, but I gained so much satisfaction by shopping for others! So much confidence was brought out in my customers simply from being able to find styles that would bring out the best version of them".

After being all online for over a year, she decided to open up a storefront in conjunction with a warehouse in her hometown to continue expanding.

The Fashion Exchange storefront in Boones Mill opened in January and they have been growing ever since!

"When I decided to move into a 10,000 sq ft warehouse and open a nearly 3,000 sq ft store front, I thought I would have time to grow into it. But, we have grown way faster than expected and foresee needing a second location soon to manage all of our operations", says Kelly.

"This is just the beginning of my brand. I never foresaw myself coming this far, but now I'm hungry for more. My goal is to impact as many lives as possible through The Fashion Exchange".